Beloved Aussie TV show landmark helps in $2 million sale

Have you ever,ever felt like this,about a listing?

One buyer did,splashing $2 million on a block in the shadow of an iconic Victorian lighthouse that generations of Aussie kids will fondly recognise.

Two blocks of land were listed in the shadow of the lighthouse from Round the Twist.

Two blocks of land were listed in the shadow of the lighthouse from Round the Twist.Great Ocean Properties

Millennials who grew up with the cult TV seriesRound The Twist will instantly know the location of this nostalgic double offering.

Two residential blocks of land in the shadow of the famous Split Point lighthouse,where the beloved children’s comedy show was filmed,are fresh on the market in Aireys Inlet in regional Victoria.

Round the Twist put Aireys Inlet on the map.

Round the Twist put Aireys Inlet on the map.ABC TV

Lot B sold on November 22. Both vacant parcels are on the “front row” of one of the world’s most-admired coastlines,the Great Ocean Road.

The lighthouse,built in 1891,is an icon of the Surf Coast and a source of ghost stories and maritime myths.

It put the seaside town of Aireys Inlet on the map for fans of Paul Jennings’ TV series,aimed at kids and tweens,which launched in 1990 and delighted audiences until 2001.

The wild storylines focused on the Twist family,who lived in the lighthouse,and the supernatural shenanigans that happened to them.

Jennings based the show on his books and with titles including Skeleton On The Dunny,The Big Burp and The Cabbage Patch Fib,it was a hit with generations of Aussie schoolchildren.

The listings explain there is little land left in the hamlet and these addresses,both with lighthouse views,are the best remaining positions.

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Lot A has price hopes of $3.5 million to $3.8 million,covering 3722 square metres and capturing the breaking waves.

Lot B is 3237 square metres and had a listed price guide of $2.2 million to $2.4 million during the campaign. It is elevated and has Great Otway National Park vistas.

“Imagine looking out the windows of your future dwelling and having a world famous lighthouse as your neighbour on one side and a breathtaking view along the breaking surf line along a 6km long beach on the other?” one of the listings says.

The land is only a walk to the village cafe,with world-class trails nearby,between the larger towns of Lorne and Anglesea.

AgentsMarty Maher and Mim Atkinson of Great Ocean Properties are looking after the listings.

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