Bad gateway! Naughty gateway!

“Have any C8 readers seen the message ‘Bad Gateway’ when Googling?” asks Jack Dikian of Mosman. “I’m genuinely intrigued as to what might be behind that gate.”

Meanwhile,the eagle-eyed Judy Archer of Nelson Bay tells us,“Paul Duncan’s letter[C8 Friday] from the insurance company reminds me of the invoice I received from my insurance company. My car is insured from 6/5/25 to 6/5/24. Maybe we should all check our premiums.”

Les Noon of Broadbeach Waters (Qld) takes us from the forgotten format to the much missed venue:“Lionel Latoszek (C8) has stirred the memory bank with his stash of tapes. I have seen almost all of those bands at Sydney pubs:Midnight Oil at the Royal Antler,Narrabeen;the Angels,Radiators and Sunnyboys at Selina’s,Coogee Bay[Hope you didn’t stick around for dessert – Granny];INXS at the Astra Hotel,Bondi (on a Sunday afternoon);and Ross Wilson of Daddy Cool/Mondo Rock at the Rose Bay Hotel. The rest,at various music festivals,with Split Enz opening a memorable day at Victoria Park in 1979. AC/DC were too big at this stage to still be playing at the pub.”

Noting that in addition to New Zealand,apparently Canada is eager to join AUKUS (C8),Malcolm McEwen of North Turramurra says. “With 11 letters,CAJANZAUKUS would have to be one of the longest acronyms of any official body,but it rolls of the tongue and does have a nice ring to it.”

Nice to hear a few pirates hamming it up out there:“Ah,the memories of fabulous 208 Radio Luxembourg (C8) and Radio Caroline from the North Sea,” reminisces Mike Hills of Redfern. “Night-time reception on AM (medium wave) also brought the Armed Forces Network (AFN) for variety along with nonmusical Radio Tirana and Radio Moscow. A lifetime away from today’s plethora of TV and radio on the web.”

And according to David Storie of Windsor Downs,the offshore party continues for those pining for 1960s radio:“There is a way of getting your fix as Tony Blackburn,ex-Radio Caroline and Radio Luxembourg and the first BBC1 pop DJ in 1967,is still broadcasting weekly. You can listen to him on the BBC sounds app,so you don’t have to record it. Unfortunately,Arnold is no longer with us.”

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