Election result marks new dawn of integrity

This election result,with its resounding affirmation of independent candidates,is an endorsement of progressive politics (“A new dawn:Labor to form government after teal appeal rocks Libs”,May 22). It highlights the importance of not only who makes up our federal parliament,but whose voices are heard within and how its members work together with integrity to bring about the best outcomes for our nation and its people.
Meredith Williams,Northmead

The prediction the election would be a “game changer” proved correct. The election of the Greens and independents have confirmed it. The parliament will now seriously address the community,national and international issues. And not just be bought by the selfish interests of a rich few.

And elections will not now be three-year boring,compulsory events. The issues that the community voted for will involve the community seeing them implemented. Political activism will again become an important social activity. The important role that it historically once held is now back on the agenda. We are living in interesting times.
Reg Wilding,Wollongong

The Liberals suffered a democracy sausage fizzle.
Les Shearman,Darlington

Of all the congratulations to Anthony Albanese,the message from Malcolm Turnbull was the most gracious. “You are a good man and in the toughest times character is what counts. Lucy and I wish you all the very best.”
Patricia O’Brien,Rozelle

Teal promise realised

Already,just the next day after Allegra Spender’s election to parliament,replacing Dave Sharma in Wentworth,one of her pre-election promises has been fulfilled (“Teals to zero in on climate and corruption”,May 22). Her posters promised,“A better climate for Wentworth.” It has come to fruition. I could board my ferry without being accosted with teal-clad enthusiasts,and not having to run the gauntlet of A-frames. The environment is also improved with poster pollution removed from trees and power poles.
Alan Slade,Dover Heights

I am a middle-aged white man who lives in an affluent suburb and cannot tell you how happy I am to see so many capable and well-qualified women voted in. And even more importantly,whether they be blue,red or teal,their contribution should help change the way politics is run. Enough of the shouty,win-lose model and more of the consultative win-win model,please.
Donald Sleer,Manly

Put into touch ...

You stopped the votes,Scott Morrison (“NSW fails to save Morrison government”,May 25)
John Maunsell,Randwick

When I voted on Saturday in my electorate of Bennelong I was appalled by the waste of money spent by the Liberal Party on banners and bunting all over the area. I received copious amounts of literature from the Liberal candidate as well as former prime minister John Howard,followed up by a recorded telephone call from the same individual. I voted Howard out in 2007 and feel annoyed that I have had to do it again in 2022.

Politicians really need to know that these gimmicks do not change people’s views. I am so proud that my grandchildren are politically engaged and discuss the real issues and make up their own minds. They are the future and know what is needed to secure it. The forays of ex-prime ministers with their antiquated messages are irrelevant.
Jan Bohan,Eastwood

The Liberal Party’s losses can be attributed to John Howard’s time and his mantra of a “broad church” in theory but not in action.
Rita Zammit,Concord

... and staying out there

With the election loss comes the time for self reflection. The Liberal Party are now saying they recognise their leader needs to be more inclusive and in touch with the people but in the next they say Peter Dutton is their likely next leader (“Dutton likely to be leader of the Liberal Party”,May 22). Out of the fire,into the frying pan.
Terry Thelwell,North Ryde

PM’s next magic trick

Now that Anthony Albanese has spread his magic dust over the Australian public we now need him to do the same with Souths,as they seem to have lost their way a bit,just like the Australian public under Morrison.
Neil Zsoldos,Glen Innes

Stylists too steep

I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry at the article about people paying stylists to help them choose clothes when they go shopping (“I spent $2000 in two hours and learnt to love fashion again”,May 22). Here was the author of the story spending $2000 on clothes and the stylist who helped her. Yet we just had an election where the most important issue for voters was the cost of living. People can hardly afford their household bills let alone spend a mint on such expensive clothing.
Con Vaitsas,Ashbury

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