Integrity a non-issue for Libs touting rebirth of Berejiklian

Cathy Wilcox

Of course,the federal Libs “don’t care” if the ICAC’s findings go against Gladys Berejiklian (“Libs back Berejiklian for Canberra”,December 6). They have shown no stomach to tackle integrity,either within the Coalition or within Parliament. Lying,deception,lack of transparency and denial have become routine features of this government,so someone who believes that pork barrelling is a normal part of politics,has questionable judgment and may have engaged in corrupt practices will fit right in. After all,the federal government has ensured they have a lower standard of honesty and integrity than the NSW government,and pretty well every other profession and business in Australia,as well as no structure at all in place to hold them to account.Alan Marel,North Curl Curl

It would be good to have Berejiklian stand for election because that would give her the opportunity to explain where the $170 million that went to Maguire’s electorate “from the budget” came from – which hospitals,schools and roads donated their budget allocation to Wagga Wagga Hospital.Michael Harrington,Bonnet Bay

I’m bemused and amused at the same time. Does the Liberal Party “machine” seriously think that the people in Warringah are pining to become once again a bit of “blue-ribbon” padding attached to the rump of the federal Coalition? Those who offer their opportunities have in Berejiklian someone who has been openly honest in declaring pork barrelling to be acceptable,so she’ll fit seamlessly into that LNP modus operandi. However,Warringah may prefer to be involved with a more progressive government and remain supportive of a member who sees the world somewhat differently from the organisation that is courting the former premier.John Kingsmill,Fairlight

In Warringah,we want a Liberal candidate with integrity. We do not want one who says pork barrelling is OK. Brian Watters,Mosman

John Shakespeare

Credit goes to Berejiklian,after theRuby Princess event,for being able to receive and implement medical advice. Assuming the pandemic is an outlying event,core governing issues still remain. Significantly over-budget infrastructure projects,poor building construction practices,flaws in rail design and vehicle quality,ferry design and reliability,and real estate scams,among others,represent failed or failing elements of the actual day job. The Liberals are not concerned about the unreleased ICAC findings,which they say they already know. They are concerned about how Gladys feels about running.Robert Caraian,Crows Nest

It’s insulting that the Liberals are treating those of us who live in Warringah with such disdain. No matter what the NSW ICAC decides regarding Berejiklian,any objective observation will tell you that shady deals happened while she was premier. That the federal Liberal Party has decided that sort of behaviour is not only acceptable but qualifies Ms Berejiklian to be part of the federal government has to be proof that our polity really has lost the plot. For Liberals to describe Berejiklian as a “rock star in Warringah” is to assume that we in Warringah have lost the ability to tell right from wrong.Judy Hungerford,North Curl Curl

Teachers are striking for the support they deserve

Dear parents,if you do not support teachers in their efforts to gain better pay,the situation will get worse (“Parents split on support for teacher strike”,December 6). The people who will suffer the most will be you and your children. Teachers’ work conditions and pay are students’ conditions too. The majority of teachers are passionate about education but the profession must have the recognition and support it deserves to get the best. Most parents have done a wonderful job supporting their children and teachers through lockdowns,so you realise the work is complex. Now is the time to give one more day of support,so your children can have a well-qualified,respected teacher in every class and a relieving teacher capable of taking over when the class teacher is absent.Augusta Monro,Dural

Teachers need more pay,more security,more resources and more administrative support but,above all,they need more respect instead of being treated like political footballs and being blamed for society’s ills. Going on strike is most certainly a final resort. Ask any teacher and they will tell you they would prefer to teach their students,but they have little choice. Anyone who claims their actions are selfish simply do not understand or do not want to understand.Graeme Finn,Summer Hill

While I support strike action and wouldn’t turn down some more pay,neither will do much to address the real problem in education,namely,that the system is dysfunctional and absurd.
Pedagogy and educational managerialism decoupled from reality some decades ago,particularly in primary schools. To attract people into teaching and to retain existing staff,the entire system requires pragmatic reform:teachers need to do fewer things better and to ditch ridiculous educational fads;schools need to ditch various layers of hierarchy and put as many personnel into classrooms as possible;the department needs to ensure that teachers have real authority within their classrooms;and schools need to stop pretending that they can cater for students with high needs and behavioural problems.Tim Hartnett,Annandale

For those parents who don’t support teachers striking today,just think what it will be like if it’s your child who doesn’t have a teacher in front of them at some stage of their schooling. Anyone who thinks the way to solve the issue is through negotiation with the government obviously has never had to negotiate with the government. Striking and work to rule are the only weapons teachers have at their disposal.Peter Miniutti,Ashbury

Honesty deficit will steer vote

Your correspondent can’t find a reason to vote for Labor (Letters,December 6). I would have thought the need to divest ourselves of the amoral Morrison government was reason enough. He claims Labor doesn’t understand how the world is changing and what people want. Labor does at least believe in climate change and the need for a federal ICAC. The Coalition’s priority is self-preservation. It’s clear people want integrity and other basic qualities lacking in the Coalition. I can’t think of a single reason not to do whatever it takes to dump the duplicitous Morrison government,even if that means voting for an imperfect Labor government.Graham Lum,North Rocks

I think Anthony Albanese has made his first positive move to “topple Morrison” as suggested in today’s editorial (“Albanese must make compelling case for change to oust Morrison”,December 6). Surely the voters have had enough of Morrison and his mob.Denis Suttling,Newport Beach

Morrison’s determination to avoid an integrity commission is a large rock thrown to a drowning government.Alan Carruthers,Artarmon

A new coalition?

So,Mr Morrison says the Labor Party may be forced into a coalition with the Greens (“Coalition,ALP draw up lines of attack”,December 6). So what? Haven’t the Liberals been in a coalition with the National (formerly the Country) Party for many years? Isn’t this the pot calling the kettle black? A changed coalition might be a good thing. Or is Mr Morrison frightened of change? Do we want a government that wants same-old same-old?Glynn Stiller,Bowral

Bricks and martyr

To spare young homebuyer despair (“Contempt for our young robs them of housing hope”,December 6),reduce the number of investment properties eligible for tax-friendly negative gearing to two. Further investment properties then pay maximum tax on rental or appreciation earnings. This would still enable the mum-and-dad bankers to help immediate family and give hope to the next generation of homeowners. Is there a political party brave enough?Dorothy Price,Belrose

There is,according to media reports,a housing market boom and record low interest rates on bank borrowings for housing. By definition,housing must therefore be affordable,and auction clearance rates of 70 per cent supports this claim. Perhaps the dream home in the preferred area is not affordable,in which case exacerbating the problem with more government “support” (money) is not in anybody’s interest. Perhaps the answer lies in lowering expectations for house size and location,and not thinking about home as an investment but rather as shelter for the family?Stephen Matthews,North Turramurra

Tap dance

The decision to provide fun and games ahead of fundamental safety infrastructure looks very much like a Sydney-centric response to me (“Bushfire-hit town gets dance lessons over water supply”,December 6). A decision made by someone living in an urban area who has no understanding of natural disasters which are part and parcel of living in the bush.Cherylle Stone,Soldiers Point

The burnt-out Bilpin residents will just have to suck it up. They live in a Labor area. They cannot expect any pork-barrelling money from the Coalition government of NSW. Maybe they should have sought dance lessons rather than water supply. If they fear for their mental health,they could learn to dance.Geoff Black,Caves Beach

Shire’s mire

Your correspondent is so right (Letters,December 6). Our shire’s streets are clogged up with boats,trailers,caravans and large four-wheel drives that won’t fit in the tiny garages attached to the dual occupancy townhouses built on single blocks requiring the removal of any trees,which have mushroomed all over our beautiful area,not to mention the enormous blocks of ugly home units near all the railway stations. It is so sad.Josephine Piper,Miranda

Salt of the earth

I was a Peter Cundall groupie (“Fans adored garden guru,the perfect granddad”,December 6). His gardening program was a must-see because of his knowledge and passion for getting your hands dirty in the soil. He lived a long,interesting life that shows us that life has highs and lows to deal with. People who love gardening and music,as he did,are lucky.Bea Hodgson,Gerringong

Peter Cundall’s request that there be no commemorative service for him is further proof of what a genuine and essentially humble human being he was,obviously more than satisfied with his life’s achievements. What a contrast to the clamouring from the public for such services for our sporting and media stars upon their deaths. Vale,Peter,our gardens thank you for your advice.Tony Denzel,Bonny Hills

It was interesting to read that Peter Cundall was initially rejected as a presenter by the ABC because his accent was too “working class”. That resonated with me,since when I applied to be a sport correspondent with the ABC during the 1970s,despite being told,after three interviews,that my knowledge and skills were ideal for the role,I was rejected for a similar reason:my accent was “too Australian”.Max Redmayne,Drummoyne

I’d like to think Peter Cundall will be laid to rest in a beautiful garden with flowers everywhere. Hopefully,Peter,that will be your bloomin’ plot.Michael Deeth,Como West

PM’s crash course

Scott Morrison will never look in the rear-vision mirror (“Albanese revs up as the PM hits the track”,December 6) because,like all hit-and-run drivers,he doesn’t want to see the devastation he’s caused.Peter Newberry,Randwick

Our PM implores us to not look in the rear-vision mirror,thus admitting his record is a car crash. If we’re not to judge him by his deeds,how else?Andrew Scott,Pymble

How good are car races! Our prime freeloader finds time to get to the V8 Stupid cars at Bathurst. This is going to do heaps for the environment,the economy,religious freedom,the federal ICAC,blind trusts,respectful responses to allegations of sexual abuse etc.Peter Hayes,Port Macquarie

Mature reflection

What inspired cruciverbalist RM’s Quick Crossword’s 11 across (“Became an adult” (4,2),December 6)? Was it Jacqui Lambie’s parliamentary speech against One Nation’s bill opposing vaccine mandates?Col Shephard,Yamba

Full of hot air

Regarding discussions about the Earth’s atmosphere,there seems to be too much nitrogen,as you often find yourself a bit puffed,which I assume is nitrogen crowding out oxygen.Rod Matthews,Fairfield (Vic)

The digital view
Online comment from one of the stories that attracted the most reader feedback yesterday on
ICAC not a consideration as Liberals say Berejiklian shifts thinking
on federal tilt
FromName1:″⁣For those that listened to the evidence,some of it was excruciating and deeply troubling. I suspect many people may not be across the details but,if she does run,the bad bits will be drawn out again in the most personally damaging way possible,which will continue if she enters Federal Parliament. And during the election,her running will ensure the government’s failure to implement a federal ICAC,of any kind,remains a front-and-centre issue.″⁣

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