Post-lockdown shopping tales reveal too much

Firmly under the category of too much information,Caroline Davies of Annandale writes:“I wish I had kept a record of the many and varied brief conversations I’ve had at shopping centres over the last few months. Yesterday,an elderly lady in a lift informed me that all through lockdown she had been desperate to replace her underwear,and she had finally been able to buy not only ‘everyday stuff’,but some ‘sexy stuff’ as well. That was definitely not the way I thought that conversation was headed.”

“Some years ago we started replacing the term public phones with the American ‘payphones’,” says Daniel Flesch of Bellingen. “Walking past one recently,I read a new label announcing calls from payphones are now free. With this obvious contradiction in terms,could we perhaps go back to the future and call them public phones again?”

In closing on the street name discussion (C8),Christine Perrott of Armidale reports that “A few years ago,in Armidale,Mr and Mrs Lamb resided in Merino Terrace.” Shear madness!

With respect to having one’s name put to a sewage plant,Anne Kirman of Kellyville “would hope that Alf Mason (C8) would be proud. Sewage management is one of the most important services available to modern societies. Apologies to those reading the paper over breakfast,but imagine Sydney if toilets were limited to the outside dunny. Focus the image on the mass of new suburbs with 300 square metre housing blocks.” Vincent Cleary of Cremorne agrees:“I think the Eddie Obeid Sewage Treatment Plant would give sewage a bad name.”

“Surely Glenys Quirk’s grandson’s appetite for all things (C8) would be sated on receipt of a copy ofGreat Expectations?” suggests Patrick McDaid of Wyoming.

Well,thisis nice. William Roberts of Randwick writes:“In response to Mike Fogarty’s query (C8),I am indeed the son. Rabbits were a regular on the menu as they were plentiful. The property address did raise a few eyebrows when,as a scruffy young student,I asked to have items placed on my parents’ David Jones account:Gowan Green,Bakers Swamp via Dripstone. Please ask Mike to contact me[Done– Granny] as I would like more detail from my father’s naval career. His father was a Surgeon Commander in the RAN having been persuaded to join by King O’Malley and arriving as a surgeon on HMAS Australia in 1913.”
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