Where there’s smoke ...

Doug Pinch of Nimbin reports that last week the Lismore Big W finally reopened after the disastrous February floods. “Nimbin Bundjalung elder and talented artist Gilbert Laurie was invited. On the morning,a security staffer approached Gilbert who was doing the smoking ceremony as part of the Welcome to Country. You know where this is going. Gilbert was asked to put his fire out! Fortunately,more culturally aware staff intervened.”

“The Blood Expiry Date (C8) Fairy is closely related to the Use By Date Fairy who magically arrives at midnight and turns perfectly good and consumable items into things that must immediately be consigned to the bin,” reckons Helen Howes of Collaroy. Jack Dikian of Mosman adds:“It’s one thing for the blood bank to refuse donors over 76 but to be told ‘We don’t need your type here’ is just bloody-minded.”

Paul Marynissen of Watanobbi can help Stewart Copper get off the pipe:“Dutchman’s pipe (C8) can be an invasive weed and weeds are my specialty. Locate the main stems of the vine where they emerge from the soil,drill a 6-8 millimetre wide and 25 millimetre deep hole down into the stem,close to ground level,and apply a mixture of a 1:1 glyphosate and water to fill the hole. Repeat for every stem and use multiple holes if the stems are more than 50 millimetres in diameter. Wait for vines to fully defoliate,then cut down and dispose of. Follow all safety directions on the chemical label.”

“Monarchists would have cleaned up on Race 5 at Rosehill on Saturday,with Born A King,Colour Sergeant and Cognac filling the places,” says George Zivkovic of Northmead. “Republicans were left to rue what could have been,with Tinnie Winnie running fourth.”

Janice Creenaune of Austinmer writes:“A while ago,I enlisted advice from C8-ers for destinations to view a platypus in the wild. Today it happened and I am still so excited. Yungaburra (Qld) was the sighting (at least three) and,not only that,but also a Lumholtz’s tree-kangaroo. The ambience was eventually broken by a guided group armed with a laser pointer and loud information disturbing our sightings. At least the laser was green.”

“I don’t know about formal thongs or casual thongs (C8),but I do know that when people start wearing socks with thongs,it is winter in Australia!” declares Robert Silvestrini of Fairfield West.


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