Column 8 granny dinkus
Column 8

Chemical imbalance on the Côte d’Azur

And payola in the Pacific.


Ron Joseph

Old-school dealmaker helped North Melbourne shrug off years of frustration

Ron Joseph,the brilliant North Melbourne administrator who died this week aged 77,was an old-school football dealmaker.

  • byCharles Happell
Is opening a door for a woman polite or patronising?

When a man opens a door for me,I have a feminist malfunction

It happens when a male,usually older but not always,holds the lift door open for me to enter before him. I smile politely while doing an internal dance of,“chivalry is good”,“chivalry is outdated”,debating whether to enter the lift first.

  • byCherie Gilmour
Premier Dominic Perrottet and NSW Education Minister Sarah Mitchell at Picnic Point Public School.

Does the premier want to privatise all school education?

This government must believe the best way to provide fair educational opportunities to the majority who attend public schools is to weaken them by diverting funding to “independent” schools.

Violence has erupted on the streets of Sydney,after hundreds of Mark Latham supporters swarmed a protest where the One Nation Leader was due to to speak.
NSW Votes

Politics of hate cast a pall over state election campaign

The state election campaign has been an admirably civilised affair – until now.

  • The Herald's View

Why corporate management is not being punished for cybercrime

Could it be that shareholders and consumers are becoming blasé about major data breaches?

  • byElizabeth Knight
Kevin Walters and Wayne Bennett go head to head when the Broncos take on the Dolphins on Friday night.
NRL 2023

Sporting theatre:Old-school coaches take centre stage in new NRL derby

Not only is it a derby,not only is it a top-of-the-table clash,but Friday night’s Broncos versus Dolphins match pits two of the most old-school characters in the game against each other.

  • byPeter FitzSimons
Global markets are watching to see whether US Fed chief Jerome Powell and his colleagues lift rates or pauses this week,as instability grips the global banking sector.

We should expect more financial shocks until the message sinks in

The Fed needs to change its tune or the banking crisis will keep escalating.

  • byAmbrose Evans-Pritchard

Why Xi wants the West to watch Russia rather than China

The longer the US remains distracted,the more time Xi has to achieve his strategic designs for the western Pacific with minimal US interference.

  • byMick Ryan
Joe Biden.

Biden strikes back as the war against ‘woke capitalism’ rages

There’s something peculiar in a Democrat president acting to preserve investors’ right to choose while supposedly free-market Republicans want to take those choices away.

  • byStephen Bartholomeusz

Why it’s not OK you forgot the calendar’s best day

I had hoped you’d notice. The stage was set. But you missed it.

  • byChris Harrison
The Oppo Find N2 Flip has a larger cover display than other flip-style foldables.

Oppo flips the script on Samsung with latest foldable phone

The Chinese brand has launched a foldable smartphone in Australia and it could be the strongest new-school flip phone in the market yet.

  • byTim Biggs
While the common advice is to save money at all costs,there is such a thing as ‘underspending’ and it’s not healthy.

The invisible problem affecting our saving habits

While the common advice is to save money at all costs,there is such a thing as underspending,and it’s not healthy.

  • byParidhi Jain
You will meet your constituents in lifts and carparks,and they will want to know what you’re doing to solve a problem about which they are highly agitated but you might not even be aware.

Free furniture,canned tuna:How to afford moving out of home

For young Australians today,moving out of home can feel like a bigger leap of faith than ever before. Here’s how to make it work.

  • byHannah Farrow
Paying too much? You can switch health funds are any time

Easy ways to lower your health insurance costs

Shopping around for health insurance and taking advantage of a better deal can shave hundreds of dollars a year off premiums.

  • byJohn Collett
Those in their 50s and beyond need to think about their legacy and how to transfer wealth effectively.

Approaching 50? It’s time to think about your inheritance

With $3.5 trillion on the line,those in their 50s and beyond need to think about their legacy and how to transfer wealth effectively.

  • byGrace Bacon
AMP chief executive Alexis George

After years of struggle,can a beleaguered AMP reinvent itself?

AMP,one of the oldest financial institutions in Australia,has been trying to engineer a turnaround after a major fall from grace.

  • byClancy Yeates
Coach Anthony Griffin is in the spotlight at the Dragons.
NRL 2023

Why the Dragons have made the right call making Griffin reapply for his job

Anyone who has watched the team under Griffin’s stewardship knows why the club needs a back-up plan. If he wins games,the job is his. But relying on that could be dangerous.

  • byMichael Chammas
Illustration by Simon Letch.

Most of us don’t really want to be rich,for better or worse

If we simply prioritised getting wealthier,there is a considerable risk other dimensions of our lives would suffer.

  • byRoss Gittins
In the Herald

In the Herald:March 22,1987

Great Barrier Reef islands to be sold,pornography racket in the ACT,and UFO sightings cause alarm

  • byStephanie Bull
Column 8 granny dinkus
Column 8

Best foot forward

Even if it’s into sock cyberspace.

A young Hawthorn fan watches a match in Hobart last year.

My eight-year-old has never seen his footy team win. I don’t want to lie to him

Before my son was born I’d never considered myself one of those men who’d make their child go for the same team,but when he came into this world there was no question about it.

  • byPatrick O'Neil
Red sky at night...

Climate armageddon:No time to waste in the battle to save our planet

The continued use of fossil fuels will cause us to burn in a hell of our own making.

Neo-Nazis marched on Spring Street on Saturday.

How we can fight violent extremism after far-right rally

In our response to Saturday’s offensive and hateful neo-Nazi demonstration,we must do more than simply chase symbols and gestures.

  • byDaniel Aghion
Jeremy Howe.
AFL 2023

Rehab room:The likely time frame for Jeremy Howe’s return

Libby Birch,a dual premiership player and sports physiotherapist,is uniquely positioned to assess the injuries and timeframes for return for some of the key players who went down in round one.

  • byLibby Birch
Rupert Murdoch with wife-to-be Ann-Lesley Smith.

Murdoch:Another wife,another twist in the succession plan

The billionaire media mogul and his 66-year-old bride-to-be are “looking forward to the second half of our lives together”,but will this alter anything in love-struck Murdoch’s empire?

  • byElizabeth Knight
NSW Votes

Labor’s wages policy is admirable in intention but addled in execution

Many NSW public service workers deserve pay increases,but Labor’s solution is problematic and the agency scrutinising the cost of election promises has warned Labor may struggle to secure the savings needed.

  • The Herald's View
Prime Minister Anthony Albanese,US President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak unveil details of the AUKUS agreement in San Diego.

AUKUS is a dud deal. We’re safer on our own

There’s never been a worse time for Australia to further entangle its defence policy with that of the United States.

  • byGeraldine Brooks
The ACCC found comments about packaging containing recycled plastic were also confusing.

Let’s stop pretending we are going to recycle all this plastic

We like the idea of recycled single-use plastics because it takes away the guilt around how cheap and easy it is. But most cannot be converted into a useful product at a reasonable cost.

  • byNick O'Malley
Nick Frost celebrates the Brumbies’ opening victory over the Waratahs.

Brumbies in gold:How can the Wallabies be anything else while Reds,Tahs are struggling?

Reds coach Brad Thorn is in his sixth year of Super Rugby coaching,Darren Coleman in his second,but each man wore the same look of bewilderment after their weekend games.

  • byWayne Smith
NAB’s Rewards Signature credit card has a Flybuys points sign-up incentive,but is it any good?
Credit cards

How NAB’s card with Flybuys bonus stacks up

NAB is offering bonus points for new customers of its Rewards Signature credit card,but how good a deal is it?

  • byJohn Collett
Credit Suisse sent messages to customers on Monday saying the UBS “merger” would happen at the end of the year.

Credit Suisse fallout:CoCo bondholders go loco

A key element of Credit Suisse’s ‘rescue’ was a Swiss regulator’s decision to declare $26 billion of the bank’s bonds worthless. Other central banks are scrambling to distance themselves.

  • byStephen Bartholomeusz
Chinese President Xi Jinping gestures while speaking to Russian President Vladimir Putin during their meeting at the Kremlin on Monday.

What does Xi want from Putin?

The Chinese leader is in Moscow for a three-day visit. Apart from an emphatic display of solidarity with his “dear friend”,there’s a lot Russia can help with.

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet and Opposition Leader Chris Minns are participating in their first debate of the NSW election campaign.
NSW Votes

‘Diabolically unfair’:Western Sydney has been screwed and wants payback

Residents of western Sydney are fed up with second-class citizen treatment. They are ready to send new people to Macquarie Street.

  • byTony Bleasdale
Group 10 rugby league player and concussion patient David Sellers.

‘When the police came,I had no idea I hadn’t paid for my fuel – and no memory of being there’

I’ve suffered between 40 and 50 concussions in my semi-professional rugby league career. Players from grassroots to elite level need saving from themselves – that’s why the NRL’s protocols are needed.

  • byDavid Sellers
Global markets will be watching to see whether US Fed chief Jerome Powell and his colleagues lift rates or pauses this week,as instability grips the global banking sector.

With bank chaos and inflation,Fed faces its most uncertain meeting in years

The Federal Reserve entered 2023 focused on a central goal:wrestling down the rapid inflation rate. But over the past two weeks,that job has become a lot more complicated.

  • byJeanna Smialek
An American soldier in Baghdad in 2003.

How the US broke Iraq:A generational mistake that killed 306,000 civilians

The consensus now,even among formerly hawkish Republicans,is that the United States should never have invaded Iraq 20 years ago.

  • byIshaan Tharoor
Putting up a fight:Former US president Donald Trump at the NCAA Wrestling Championships,in Tulsa,Oklahoma on the weekend.
US politics

Bracing for impact,US political world waits for Donald Trump indictment

Facing possible charges over alleged hush money paid to an adult film star,Donald Trump has launched a pre-emptive strike to control the narrative,rally supporters,and play the victim.

  • byFarrah Tomazin
At odds:Rupert Murdoch and Donald Trump.

Murdoch succeeded where Putin failed. Time for a Fox hunt

We believe a royal commission into media concentration is now needed to defend our democracy. For the Coalition parties,this is a crucial moment.

  • byMalcolm Turnbull andSharan Burrow

TikTok ban is only a matter of time

Tech decoupling from China seems to have an unstoppable momentum. The only question now is which companies and technologies will be next.

  • byPeter Hartcher
Elon Musk,the world’s richest man,doesn’t own a house.

I’m a Musk fanboy – don’t hate me

Despite his more questionable behaviour on Twitter,I don’t believe any private individual is having a greater impact on transitioning to a low emissions future than Elon Musk.

  • byMichael Schlechta
A hazard reduction burn last month grew out of control and threatened the town of Currarong on the NSW South Coast.

Our last climate chance:Act now on ‘everything,everywhere,all at once’

There is grim reading in the UN’s final warning to world leaders in the last decade we have to act,but there is also a clear set of directions. And hope.

  • byNick O'Malley
In the Herald

In the Herald:March 21,1921

Union Jack forced on St Patrick’s Day,educating future wives,and sinister reports about Silesian plebiscite

  • byEllen Fitzgerald
Column 8 granny dinkus
Column 8

A nip and tick affair

Dog days up the coast.

Langi Gleeson continues to shine for the Waratahs.

Missing in action:Why are our two biggest Super clubs struggling?

With no Eddie Jones drum-beating to distract us,the form of Australia’s most important Super Rugby sides has been sobering viewing.

  • byGeorgina Robinson

Buffett reaches out to help in US banks crisis

A handful of regional lenders are at the heart of a crisis that’s shaken the US and engaged the likes of billionaire investor Warren Buffett.

  • bySally Bakewell
NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet on the campaign trail on Monday.
NSW Votes

If Perrottet loses,it won’t be because of climate policy

NSW teals and other climate independents are rebels without a cause up against this progressive Coalition government.

  • byDavid Cross
Melbourne’s Kysaiah Pickett ploughs into Bailey Smith on Saturday night at the MCG.
AFL 2023

Can a bump ever be foolproof - and safe?

Three head-high bumps leading to three suspensions from last weekend’s opening AFL round have prompted calls for drastic action. But what and how is not clear.

  • byGreg Baum
NSW Labor leader Chris Minns and the party’s billboard truck.
NSW Votes

Labor says Perrottet will privatise Sydney Water,but is that fact or fiction?

The potential privatisation of Sydney Water has dominated the election campaign for Labor and the Coalition.

  • byLucy Cormack
Premier Dominic Perrottet and NSW Labor leader Chris Minns as the debate begins.

Voters are fickle,but we’re lucky that our (reluctant) vote counts

There’s no avoiding the fact that it makes little difference who you vote for next Saturday. You’ll end up with a politician.