Giorgia Meloni,leader of the Brothers of Italy party,reacts at the party’s general election night event in Rome,Italy,on Monday,September 26.

What Giorgia Meloni wants for Italy and why she infuriates the EU

Many Italians evidently think that Giorgia Meloni possesses something that technocrats like Mario Draghi lack:authenticity.

  • byDaniel Johnson


The gifted Vinoo Mankad turns one through the slips during the second Test between India and England at Lord’s in 1952.

Mankad did so much more than run people out

The Indian all-rounder was one of the greatest players of his generation and deserves to be remembered for more than one controversy.

  • byScyld Berry
The halving of the fuel excise tax comes to an end this week.

The petrol excise tax break is about to end. Good riddance.

Cutting fuel taxes was never the solution to our cost-of-living crisis and has probably done more harm than good.

  • byMarion Terrill andNatasha Bradshaw
RTBU national secretary Mark Diamond speaks with NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet in Parliament House on Thursday.

Voters spread blame for strikes on state government and unions

A new poll conducted for the Herald shows 26 per cent of people blame unions for recent public sector strikes but a higher proportion,33 per cent,are pointing the finger at the NSW government.

  • The Herald's View
Illustration by Dionne Gain.

Is Putin,the cornered rat,bluffing on the nuclear threat?

Surely this is just another bluff? Perhaps. But the potential harm is so extreme that Western governments are not leaving it to chance.

  • byPeter Hartcher

School behaviour adviser has battle on many fronts

The NSW government contracting a chief behaviour adviser is a bit like shutting the gate after the horse has bolted.

In the Herald

In the Herald:September 27,1934

Bradman still serious,sudden storm,and resentment at increase.

  • byLyn Maccallum
Column 8 granny dinkus
Column 8

When dad jokes genuinely grate

Gus needs a dressing down.

Liz Truss,second left,and Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng,centre,want radical reforms that will stimulate growth by encouraging investment,hard work and risk-taking entrepreneurs.

The UK cluster bomb of tax cuts is a reckless gamble

Britain’s permanent cuts in income tax are a fatal step too far.

  • byAmbrose Evans-Pritchard
Geoff Wilson warns the federal treasurer to keep his mitts of franking.

Dividend crusader gets second wind as franking stoush re-emerges

Having given Labor a black eye in 2019,veteran investor Geoff Wilson isn’t ready to give the Albanese government any benefit of the doubt on its latest proposed tweak to the distribution of franking credits.

  • byElizabeth Knight
Masig Island in the Torres Strait.

The UN has ruled Australia violated our rights. Will Albanese act?

We are celebrating now,but we know this is just the beginning. The new Australian government may have brought in a new climate policy,but more ambitious action must be taken urgently.

  • byYessie Mosby
Professor Jim McLeod

Gentlemen Jim:neurologist,mentor and inspiration

‘Gentleman Jim’ McLeod was a world authority in the fields of multiple sclerosis and disorders of peripheral nerves,and a mentor to generations of young medical professionals.

Protests in Tehran last week.

What the West should learn from the protests in Iran

Iran’s supreme leader,Ayatollah Ali Khamenei,clearly believes that compromising on the regime’s ideological pillars – including hijab – will only hasten its collapse.

  • byKarim Sadjadpour
The safe-haven Japanese yen is sensitive to political turbulence.

The yen has cracked and no one is coming to its rescue

Japan’s central bank has intervened to prop up the yen last week for the first time since 1998,but it faces having to abandon decades of economic policies if it wants to arrest the currency’s dive.

  • byStephen Bartholomeusz
Parramatta Eels and Penrith Panthers.

How the Panthers and Eels won the war of the west

By getting their acts together,the two western Sydney powerhouses have quashed the AFL infiltration of rugby league’s heartland.

  • byAndrew Webster
Deepti Sharma dismisses Charlie Dean with a Mankad.

Within rules,yet players know ‘Mankad’ is underhanded as controversy strikes again

Deepti Sharma technically did nothing wrong when she dismissed Charlie Dean to win a T20 game for India against England at Lord’s – but is a “Mankad” acceptable?

  • byNick Hoult
The crown,flowers and handwritten note from King Charles on the Queen’s coffin.

I have grave fears for the health of handwriting

Perhaps it seems strange that I identify handwriting with life,but there is something of death in its opposite,endless text on our computers. Death imposes sameness.

  • bySean Kelly
It’s clear that the majority of Australians want change.

Australia wants the Voice. It’s time for the campaign to begin

It’s clear:the majority of Australians support a Voice to parliament,one that brings about a better,more generous and more dignified communion of governance with the nation’s Indigenous people.

  • The Herald's View
Labor has the will of the majority of Australians. Now it must clearly explain how the Voice will work,and what it will achieve.

Labor’s biggest enemy on the Voice to parliament is confusion

Some believe it will be symbolic,some believe it will be practical. But many are willing the Voice to succeed even when they’re unclear on the details. That’s where the work begins for Labor.

  • byDavid Crowe
Geelong planned to win the big one. Nothing else mattered.

The Bart Cummings preparation that had Geelong trained to the minute

At quarter-time on Saturday,Geelong had the biggest lead at the first break in a final under Chris Scott. They had trained to be at their best right when the ball bounced on grand final day.

  • byPeter Ryan
Reserve Bank of Australia governor Philip Lowe.

Monetary policy is no longer fit for purpose

Our present problem of sudden,high inflation well demonstrates the bluntness,crudeness and unfairness of monetary policy.

  • byRoss Gittins
Penrith meet Parramatta in the grand final.

Grand final form guide:How the West will be won,and lost

The 2022 grand final shapes as one of the best. We break down the individual battles and tactical battles that will decide it,along with all the info you could ever need about the NRL’s biggest day.

  • byDan Walsh
King Charles

When it comes to a republic,the Queen’s passing changes everything

We at the Australian Republic Movement have always been in the business of evolution not revolution,and the fact that Australia has now demonstrably evolved to an entirely new era is lost on no one.

  • byPeter FitzSimons
Russian President Vladimir Putin is waging an economic war against the nations of Europe.

Putin is fighting two wars,only one of them with bullets

In the coming northern winter,as he tries to blast the people of Ukraine into submission,Putin will attempt to freeze the people of wider Europe into acquiescence.

  • byGeorge Brandis

In matters of state,are two heads better than one?

Perhaps there could be an “Uncle” and an “Auntie”,rather than just a single head of state,so that “men’s business” and “women’s business” are given equal standing.

In the Herald

In the Herald:September 26,1989

Raiders handling errors,boy soldier home,and Galileo’s belated blessing

  • byLyn Maccallum
Column 8 granny dinkus
Column 8

Rocket launches a new mythology

Fraternal guarantee good enough for admission.

Patrick Dangerfield celebrates a premiership with Cats’ skipper Joel Selwood.

Four Points:‘Too old’,‘too slow’,too good;the sad reality out of Sydney;an ASADA farce;and why the boats must be stopped

The idea that this new Geelong premiership side is too old to stay in contention was an argument better made when they were younger.

  • byMichael Gleeson
VAFA player Charlie Hawkins and his brother Tom Hawkins with their premiership medals.

Two brothers,two premierships,too good:Why the Hawkins family has so much to celebrate

There was much to celebrate in the Hawkins household as Charlie Hawkins and his slightly better known brother,Cats full-forward Tom,both tasted premiership glory over the weekend.

  • byNajma Sambul
Patrick Dangerfield celebrates a premiership with Cats’ skipper Joel Selwood.

‘Not going to let this moment slip’:Geelong’s ageing flag stars like Carlton of ’95

Geelong are basking in their 10th VFL/AFL premiership - the club’s fourth this century,Chris Scott’s second flag as coach and some crowning moments for stars of the game at the Cattery in the twilights of their careers. Our podcasters Michael Gleeson,Jake Niall and Caroline Wilson run the rule over the grand final.

The Queen Consort is reportedly,‘in reality,calling all the shots’.
Royal family

‘Camilla now calling the shots’ as King Charles faces a tricky few months

King Charles III must keep calm and carry on in the face of salvos from Harry and the controversy over staff cuts.

  • byCamilla Tominey
Disciplinary issues are fast becoming the story of Dave Rennie’s Wallabies tenure.
Tight Five
Bledisloe Cup

Wallabies coach must cop Bledisloe pasting after poking the bear

Dave Rennie must shoulder the blame for all but setting his Wallabies side up to fail at Eden Park while the side’s discipline problems also need addressing.

  • byPaul Cully

No,Optus doesn’t need to keep your sensitive information for so long

So much sensitive data only had an initial,point-in-time use. This just appears to be data gluttony,and it must stop.

  • byRachael Falk
Reed Mahoney celebrates the preliminary final win on Friday.
NRL 2022

Panthers cry foul as Eels get jump on grand final tickets

Penrith have expressed concerns to the NRL that Eels fans had a 24-hour head start on Panthers supporters when it came to buying grand final tickets with certainty.

  • byDanny Weidler

Savings rates hit 4 per cent,but millions caught in ‘woeful’ accounts

For younger savers still accumulating their home deposit and older outright homeowners with cash in the bank,it’s time to start shopping around for a better return on your hard-earned.

  • byJessica Irvine
Shane Warne,Queen and Olivia NJ comp

From Warnie to Olivia Newton-John,2022 has been a year of real tears

We don’t know most of these high-profile individuals but when celebrities die,a sense of grief often resonates.

  • byStephen Brook
Telling lies in a loan application can have far-reaching consequences.
Home loans

Why loan application fibs are about to get more risky

Credit bureau Equifax expects credit scores to deteriorate as the costs of living rise,leaving those who tell lies on loan applications more likely fall behind on repayments.

  • byJohn Collett
Treasurer Jim Chalmers has said the government will help the Reserve Bank reduce inflation.

‘Bigger fish to fry’:Jim Chalmers on bracelets,booze,Keating and tax cuts

He was a bit late for our interview because he got waylaid by Paul Keating,but when the federal treasurer did show we had the most revealing chat.

  • byPeter FitzSimons

Why Albanese and the Queen both decided to be Batman

Queen Elizabeth defined an era,but the way we mourn her says a lot about the current zeitgeist. Prime Minister Albanese has shown he understands the mood and is aligning with it.

  • byParnell Palme McGuinness
Former Warringah MP Tony Abbott.

Tony Abbott was a friend to working women. Yes,you read that right

Australia’s paid parental leave system still looks miserly compared to other Western democracies. But pressure is mounting on the Albanese government to shift the dial.

  • byJacqueline Maley
Spain’s King Felipe VI was placed next to his exiled father and predecessor,the former King Juan Carlos.

Inside the most anachronistic private club on the planet

The Queen’s funeral gave a rare glimpse of 21st century monarchy from across the globe.

  • byAndrew Hornery
Schools need to focus less on the device and more on what technology offers students in 2020,says leading education expert Selina Samuels.

Phone bans should be a matter of principals,not governments

There are situations where students do need their phones,and it is up to the school principals and teachers to manage that.

  • byDaisy Turnbull

Wider view must be canvassed for Harris Park plan

It’s to be hoped a reasonable compromise can be reached regarding affordable housing in Harris Park.

Panthers players celebrate.
NRL 2022

One western Sydney powerhouse to stand tallest after Panthers beat Souths

The NRL has its dream western Sydney derby,a result made possible by the punishment the Panthers were able to absorb,and then dish out,against Souths Sydney.

  • byAdrian Proszenko
Joel Selwood takes to the stands with the premiership cup.
AFL 2022

Crowning glory for the Cats and the MCG

The grand final was an anti-climax as a game,but a triumph for Geelong and for the AFL. As much as this was a day for putting everything back in its place – to wit,the grand final on the MCG,full to the rafters – it was also a day for putting the record straight.

  • byGreg Baum

Demisexual,cupiosexual,sapiosexual:I’m done with all the labels

If they make anyone struggling with their sexuality or identity feel more understood,then that’s great. But I’d like to be respectfully left out of the sorting progress.

  • byWendy Squires
The victorious Cats lift the premiership cup.

Geelong’s flag caps a decade of regular-season dominance

Sydney failed,but the Swans remain a super club. In 2022,though,Geelong’s longevity – of players,contention and finally flags – makes them the greatest club of all.

  • byJake Niall
Buddy Franklin during the 2022 AFL grand final.

Someone has to lose the AFL grand final - but losing like this?

The hearts of Swans fans were bleeding and broken by the end of the first quarter.

  • byOsman Faruqi
Ensuring your sign over power of attorney in your will can make life easier later on.

Help! My mother has dementia but they won’t cancel her credit card

Ensuring you sign over power of attorney in your will can make life easier later on.

  • byNicole Pedersen-McKinnon
Michael Matthews (right) will chase a rainbow jersey while riding for Australia.

Australia’s super team has what it takes to find the end of the rainbow

Every rider knows what is at stake as they chase the rainbow jersey to close out the UCI road world championships in Wollongong.

  • byMike Tomalaris