NSW Premier Chris Minns at Royal North Shore Hospital. St Leonards,NSW. August 3,2023. Photo:Kate Geraghty

Honeymoon over as NSW Labor suffers hit to primary vote

The Minns government’s slump comes less than six months since polling day,and follows ministerial scandals and tussles with unions over public sector pay rises.

  • byAlexandra Smith

The Sydney private school charging parents $7275 just to secure enrolment

Cranbrook’s fee is in excess of $7000,while Trinity Grammar has increased its enrolment charge by 80 per cent to $5000 this year.

  • byLucy Carroll
Migration flows are strong.

2000 a day:Australian population swells at record rate

The country’s population grew by 563,200 in the past 12 months as migrants,particularly international students,rushed back.

  • byShane Wright
Mortgage repayments have soared.

Where are the home owners who can’t afford their mortgages?

Interest rates have risen at the fastest pace in a generation and home owners are facing a repayment cliff – with varied results.

  • byMelissa Heagney-Bayliss

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