Facial Treatments

Body Massages

Lack of circulation makes you feel stiff and sore. We enhance your body’s natural movements with ourbody massages✔.

Massage Service

Wood Therapy Sculpting

We’re all about getting back to nature. Let’s go on awood therapy retreat. We will help break down fat and cellulite.✔

non surgical

Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser teeth whiteninga perfect way to give your smile a makeover—Makes you smile more and appealing.✔

Laser Teeth Whitening Treatments

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is the fastest,most effective and safest way to remove unwanted hair.✔

Laser Treatments

Fat Freezing

Say goodbye to unwanted body fat withnon-surgicalfat freezing using the latest technology.✔

fat freezing

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You can always schedule online or place a call with our Spa Coordinators during regular business hours by calling+234 811 930 2457.

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We are here to cater to your aesthetic needs. Lagos&Abuja now have a new option for laser and aesthetic treatments.

Fae Lifestyle is a trendsetting Spa,offering the newest and most advanced Laser treatments.

We are proud to offer our clients a safer,more effective Laser Treatment&Non Surgical Fat Freezing Services.

Helping you to create a healthier,more youthful you,by getting rid of unwanted hair,stretch marks and targeting wrinkles with a series of non-invasive laser and light treatments.

Relax your mind,body,and spirit with FAE LIFE STYLETreatments.

Laser Treatment

Need a little pampering,or need it badly? We’ve got you covered,literally and figuratively. Step inside our luxurious spa and let our skilled technicians pamper you with a relaxing facial treatments and body massages Therapy such as,Hydra Facials,Gold Facials,Vampire Facials(PRP),Customize Facials,Regular Facials,Aromatherapy massage,Hot stone (Volcanic),Swedish massage,Deep Tissue and Thai massage.

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