Red Oak Residence 2

Red Oak Residence:The Use of Large Swaths of Glass for Optimal Views

LaRue Architects,an Austin award-winning firm,has shared their awesome newest project called Red Oak Residence. It is a sprawling network of builds spanning a 13,000 SF footprint across waterways and paths on Lake Austin. LaRue Architects was in collaboration with Britt Design Group to design the interior.


CASA TT:A Simple,Beautiful,Practical Weekend Home

Casa TT or House TT is located in Villa Allende,Córdoba,Argentina,sitting in a 1700 sqm site adjacent to Casa SI,another project from GRUPO Studio by Santiago Chasseing. It consists of a strip-shaped implantation longitudinal to the terrain and poses on the west side of the plot with a mainly closed facade.


CASA SI:A Concrete House with Connection to Nature

Santiago Chasseing finished building CASA SI in 2020,a stunning residential project designed for his own family. He now resides there with Ine and their daughter Max. The house,constructed from concrete,is situated on a spacious 1500 sqm plot of land in Villa Allende,a charming town on the outskirts of Córdoba,Argentina. The property boasts a serene setting,surrounded by single-family homes in expansive lots and abundant natural beauty.

Cross Stitch House 2

Cross-Stitch House:Stitching the New to the Old with Timber Beams

Cross-Stitch House,situated in Melbourne,Australia,is a residential project created by FMD Architects in 2013. This single-storey terrace,nestled on a narrow 5m wide plot,underwent a comprehensive transformation. The task was to revamp the living and dining areas,reposition the bathrooms and original kitchen,and enhance natural light access in the main bedroom and living spaces. In addition,the project included the refurbishment of the house’s existing Victorian eastern end,which features two bedrooms.

S Residence Sandhurst 4

S Residence Sandhurst:An Unconventional Multi-Generational Residence

Crafted by the visionary Werner van der Meulen of Nico van der Meulen Architects,S Residence Sandhurst is an avant-garde dwelling nestled within the affluent enclave of Sandhurst,Sandton. This unconventional multi-generational residence challenges established paradigms with its distinctive features,a skull-adorned pool,and an abstract roofline.

West Garden 9

West Garden:A Contemporary Apartment with Elements of Parisian Chic

The main idea of West Garden is a stylish and fashionable space with design icons for a young couple. It is a contemporary apartment with[…]

Hidden Oaks 12

Hidden Oaks:An Austin Home with Unique Transitional Architecture

Hiding amongst majestic live oak and elm trees,Hidden Oaks is a residential project of a multicultural Austin home designed by Cornerstone Architects in collaboration with Ashby Collective. The blending of tradition and innovation in this project creates unique transitional architecture.

A Cozy Family Gathering Place To Enjoy Being Close To Nature 9

A Cozy Family Gathering Place to Enjoy Being Close to Nature

Located in the resort area of Borovoe,one of the most picturesque places in Kazakhstan,A Cozy Family Gathering Place to Enjoy Being Close to Nature is a residential project completed by Kvadrat Architects Design Studio in 2022. Surrounded by age-old pines,the purest air,14 lakes,and magnetic mountain groups,this project harmonizes nature and architecture.

The Loop 23

The Loop:The Spirit of Freedom in Bali’s Lush Jungle

Completed in 2023 by Alexis Dornier,The Loop is a residential project of a graceful residence located in Bali,Indonesia. This residence breaks free from national living to embrace the spirit of freedom in Bali’s lush jungle. The brief is simple:seeking the opposite of living in boxes.

Saddle House 2

Saddle House:A Private Residence Made of Local Materials

Located high on a hillside in the New Zealand Southern Alps,Saddle House is a 2019 residential project designed by Condon Scott Architects. The requirement of strict planning guidelines forces any built structures on the site to be invisible from public vantage points.

Kirimoko Tiny House 5

Kirimoko Tiny House:The Freedom of Living with Less

Located in Wanaka,New Zealand,Kirimoko Tiny House is a 2018 residential project designed by Condon Scott Architects. A cycle trip and a life lived out of panniers inspire the design. This house is defined by a simple gable form and a sturdy black rain screen.