NSW Education Minister Sarah Mitchell.

‘High achieving’ graduates to be fast-tracked into paid classroom jobs

NSW will introduce the Teach for Australia program,allowing students to fast-track their career while completing a masters degree.

  • byDaniella White


St Peter’s Anglican Grammar will close its high school.

The new private high school that is abruptly closing its doors

St Peter’s Anglican Grammar opened at the start of the school year. Just months later,parents were left shocked when they were told it was no longer viable.

  • byDaniella White
Premier Dominic Perrottet has called on parents and adults to set a better example on social media.

Premier’s plea to parents to set better example in social media ‘cesspit’

Dominic Perrottet has urged parents to set a good example for kids on social media,deploring disrespectful engagement led by adults online.

  • byLucy Cormack
The University of New England was founded in the 45-room homestead “Booloominbah”,donated by the great-grandfather of chancellor James Harris in 1937.

Slights,spit and a supermarket chase:call for scalps over uni’s wild ride

Discontent had been building at Australia’s oldest regional university for years when its vice chancellor was accused of wiping her saliva on a schoolgirl’s face.

  • byHarriet Alexander
Dominic Perrottet

New behaviour adviser to work across all schools as student conduct worsens

The NSW government will appoint a specialist adviser to help all schools navigate increasingly difficult student behaviour.

  • byAlexandra Smith
Schools need to focus less on the device and more on what technology offers students in 2020,says leading education expert Selina Samuels.

Phone bans should be a matter of principals,not governments

There are situations where students do need their phones,and it is up to the school principals and teachers to manage that.

  • byDaisy Turnbull
New teachers are leaving the profession at the highest rate in 13 years.

Young NSW teachers quitting in record numbers

The rate of early career teachers quitting in their first five years surged to 11.6 per cent in 2021,up 50 per cent compared to the previous year.

  • byDaniella White
The Productivity Commission last week released its interim report on its Review of the National School Reform Agreement.

We couldn’t have built a less fair school system if we tried

It is a structural oddity that has placed Australia as an outrider on the OECD world stage.

  • byChris Bonnor
Australia’s teacher workforce is ageing as younger people turn away from studying teaching.

Ageing workforce tipped to worsen national teacher shortage

Australia’s teachers are ageing as younger people turn away from the profession,sparking a warning that students will ultimately miss out.

  • byAdam Carey
The scene at the Town Hall as the students listen to speeches.

From the Archives,1972:High school pupils demonstrate in city

50 years ago,hundreds of high school students came from all over Sydney,to march down Macquarie Street,and demand equality and freedom of expression.

  • byStaff reporter
Retired Castle Hill High School Principal Vicki Brewer

‘Not to be employed’:Former principal sanctioned over Castle Hill asbestos saga

Teachers have spoken publicly about an alleged asbestos “cover-up”,suggesting to parliament the principal was driven by desire to achieve strong HSC results.

  • byDaniella White
Year 12 physics student Chelsea Leong from Brigidine College hopes to study biomedical engineering at university.

HSC students ditch difficult subjects in search of band 6 results

A snapshot of this year’s HSC subject data shows students taking physics has fallen to its lowest in 20 years,while business studies and PDHPE are at 10-year highs.

  • byLucy Carroll
At Charles Sturt,students who score as low as 40 per cent for their subject will be given another chance to pass

Uni offers ‘seriously failing’ students second chance to pass

Charles Sturt University students who score as low as 40 out of 100 will be given a second assessment. Academics,however,fear it will compromise standards.

  • byJordan Baker
Cranbrook school council has announced a detailed review following reports of anti-Semitic behaviour.

‘A moral duty’:Cranbrook undertakes review after anti-Semitic reports

Sydney private school Cranbrook’s school council has written to parents promising action after complaints about anti-Semitic bullying and other unacceptable behaviour by its students.

  • byCaitlin Fitzsimmons andLucy Carroll
The Productivity Commission report card shows student results are stagnating.

Enough talk – it’s time to revamp the way our schools work

Australia needs to radically rethink how our schools are organised,how the teacher workforce is developed and supported,and how the learning challenges students face are confronted quickly and effectively.

  • byJordana Hunter
Hillary Yuan and Sophie Choker won awards at the recent WriteOn literary awards.

The school creating the next generation of writers

Peakhurst Public School set out to improve its students’ writing skills and is now gaining a reputation for fostering young creative writers.

  • byDaniella White
Former and current staff at Good to Great Schools accused chief executive Bernardine Denigan of bullying employees.

Fresh turmoil as ‘bullying’ CEO on paid leave for six months as staff flee

As the crisis facing an Indigenous education non-profit that receives millions in government money escalates,founder Noel Pearson has been appointed acting chief executive.

  • byNatassia Chrysanthos
New initiatives are needed to raise stagnating academic performance,a Productivity Commission report says.

Overhaul needed to lift ‘flatlining’ student outcomes,report says

Lifting student performance,reversing declining attendance and closing the education gap must underpin the next National School Reform Agreement.

  • byLucy Carroll andLisa Visentin
Caroline Chisholm College HSC students,Ashley Horsnell and Ella Yeomans,have already received an early university offer.

Universities bypass ATARs as record number of students receive early offers

Universities have already made thousands of direct offers to HSC candidates,well before final exams have begun,to try to lock in students in a competitive market.

  • byDaniella White andLucy Carroll
Column 8 granny dinkus

State of the lingo

The vernacular cops a battering

North Sydney Boys High School.

James Ruse and North Sydney Boys investigate link to Knox Grammar private chat group

Two of the state’s top selective schools have become embroiled in a chat room scandal that included racist,homophobic and violent misogynist posts.

  • byLucy Carroll
Darren Bark from the Jewish Board of Deputies at Rose Bay. He is concerned about anti-semitic incidents at eastern suburbs schools. 2nd September 2022 Photo Louise Kennerley SMH

‘I’ll stop your bloodline’:Anti-Semitism reports grow across Sydney schools

An allegation a Jewish boy was stuffed in a school locker to simulate a Nazi gas chamber comes amid a growing number of anti-Semitism incidents,says NSW Jewish Board of Deputies chief executive Darren Bark.

  • byCaitlin Fitzsimmons
Eleven world title races will be held in and around Wollongong in September.

Thousands of schoolchildren to learn from home during cycling event

Nine schools and two support units will close for the final week of term as they will be inaccessible once roads are closed for a key world cycling race.

  • byCatherine Naylor
“Ever since my two girls were born,I’ve wanted them to share the same opportunities as I had when I was young”. Fred Schebesta.

Crypto king leads alumni’s co-education crusade at Sydney Grammar

An alumni group is pushing for girls to be admitted at one of Australia’s most prestigious boys’ schools,but not all parents are on board.

  • byLucy Manly
Darren Lang,head of sport strategy and planning co-ordinator at the Department of Education,at the state athletics championships.

‘A real bonus’:School sport now professionally filmed and live-streamed

Classmates and families of regional competitors and professional sporting scouts are among the viewers tuning into live-streaming of school sports.

  • byCaitlin Fitzsimmons
Bridget Malcolm

Victoria’s Secret model reveals Perth teacher struck off for ‘serious misconduct’ against her

Bobby Gallo has been suspended from teaching in WA for a minimum of three years for grooming one of his students at Methodist Ladies’ College in Perth.

  • bySarah Brookes andHolly Thompson
Cranbrook is dealing with at least three families over anti-Semitic incidents at the school.

Cranbrook School delayed acting on Nazi salutes,anti-Semitism,families say

The Sydney private school was told of bullying and given video footage of a boy in uniform at school performing a Nazi salute but did not respond for over five weeks.

  • byCaitlin Fitzsimmons
Kristin Rusznyak,with her twin boys,Luka Zak,will choose to send her children to a co-educational public high school to avoid private school costs.

Sydney private school fees jump 50 per cent in a decade

Fees at Sydney’s private schools have risen by an average of more than 50 per cent in the past decade – far exceeding inflation and wage growth – and could hit $70,000 annually at some of the city’s most expensive schools within 15 years.

  • byLucy Carroll
Knox Grammar School has uncovered the involvement of boys and girls from other schools in the scandal.

Boys and girls at other schools ‘involved’ in Knox Grammar scandal

Principal Scott James told parents on Tuesday that 20 Knox students have faced or are facing disciplinary action after offensive material was posted in an online group.

  • byLucy Carroll andJordan Baker
A disturbingly high number of Australians can neither read nor do basic arithmetic.

Read the room:It’s time to act on our children’s literacy

If federal Education Minister Jason Clare has one goal this term,it should be making sure all of our kids can read.

  • byRoshena Campbell
Safia Khan Hassanein

NSW’s Islamic schools surge in popularity as principals push for cap increase

Islamic school principals say they can’t keep up with demand as they push for an increase in enrolment caps.

  • byDaniella White
HSC students should have equal access to disability support provisions.

All children must have equal access to HSC disability provisions

Students with disabilities should receive extra support when sitting their HSC to ensure an even playing field. But the fact private schools are more likely to claim this assistance for their students suggests the system around HSC disability provisions may be exacerbating inequality,rather than addressing it.

  • byThe Herald's View
HSC disability

Sydney’s wealthiest suburbs claim the most HSC disability provisions

Schools in Sydney’s north and east claim almost double the disability provisions than those in the west,and nearly 20 per cent of private school students apply.

  • byLucy Carroll andNigel Gladstone
Darren Bark from the Jewish Board of Deputies at Rose Bay..

Eastern suburbs schools grapple with Nazi salutes and anti-Semitic bullying

Community leaders say two recent incidents are the latest examples in a “systemic and cultural problem” of anti-Semitism in schools.

  • byCaitlin Fitzsimmons

Education authority told to monitor Knox Grammar after group chat revelations

NSW Education Minister Sarah Mitchell has asked the state’s education authority to closely monitor the situation at private school Knox Grammar following revelations students were expelled after posting offensive messages in an online private chat group.

  • byLucy Carroll andSally Rawsthorne
Knox Grammar School,confronting another scandal.

Confession of a Knox Grammar old boy:my son won’t lose sleep as I have

My alma mater confronts scandal - yet again. A reunion with an old classmate forced me,too,to confront some hard truths.

  • byMalcolm Knox
Knox Grammar said the incident involved several boys from the senior school.

Police confirm Knox group chat content was not child sexual abuse material

Knox Grammar School told parents this week that doctored images did not require mandatory reporting under child protection requirements.

  • byBillie Eder
Independent MPs Allegra Spender and Alex Greenwich are calling for a long-term plan to expand public education in the eastern suburbs,

‘We need a plan’:Push for new eastern suburbs public high school

MPs Alex Greenwich and Allegra Spender are calling for a new public high school in eastern Sydney,saying families have been forced to move catchments or leave the public system.

  • byLucy Carroll
There are many paths to success at university,and UTS is among tertiary institutions forging them.

A low ATAR does not mean poor performance at university

The Australian Tertiary Admission Rank is a robust measure of scholastic achievement,but not of who might achieve at university.

  • byVerity Firth
Knox Grammar in Wahroonga

Knox Grammar students suspended after posting offensive messages in chat group

Principal Scott James said he had acted following “an incident” involving several students at the upper north shore school.

  • byLucy Carroll
Government modelling claims universal masking for schoolkids could cut the monthly death rate by 5 to 10 per cent.

Do mask mandates in schools work? Maybe not,says big new study

A new study,described as the best of its kind,found making kids wear masks at school makes little difference to the spread of COVID-19. But that doesn’t necessarily mean masks don’t work.

  • byLiam Mannix
Sexual offences on school grounds has doubled over the past decade.

Sexual offences double on NSW school grounds over decade

The most recent NSW crime statistics show there were more than 646 sexual offences on school grounds in the year to March.

  • byDaniella White
University of Sydney Vice Chancellor Mark Scott

‘An ATAR of 93 at Mt Druitt might be equivalent to 99 in Mosman’:Sydney Uni’s new strategy

The university will make attracting a broader range of students a priority,setting aside places and giving them up to $25,000 over the course of their degree.

  • byJordan Baker
This girl was raped by a boy from her grade at school

Attorney-general to review teen’s rape sentence

The boy’s lawyer appealed the severity of the sentence straight away,while the girl’s family says it is too light.

  • byJordan Baker
An artist’s impression of the $478 million biomedical precinct to be built next to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

University of Sydney to build $478 million medical precinct after record donation haul

A $20 million gift from the Susan and Isaac Wakil Foundation will help fund the venture,making the philanthropists the biggest named donors in the university’s history.

  • byLucy Carroll
Trinity Grammar School is seeking approval to raise the number of students permitted on its Summer Hill campus from 1500 to 1655.

Inner west locals fume as private school seeks to raise student limit

Trinity Grammar School is seeking approval to raise the number of students permitted on its Summer Hill campus from the existing cap of 1500 to 1655 - the number of boys already enrolled.

  • byAndrew Taylor
NAPLAN was completed entirely online for the first time in 2022,but preliminary results have been delayed due to low participation rates.

Early NAPLAN results delayed as illness,floods cause high absenteeism

Student participation in NAPLAN fell to an all-time low this year,with COVID-19,flu and floods blamed for so few students taking the standardised test.

  • byAdam Carey andLucy Carroll
This girl was raped by her schoolmate,who was found guilty in the children’s court. He and his family insist he did nothing wrong.

‘Say goodbye to Mum and Dad’:Teen faces jail after raping schoolmate

A magistrate said evidence from a boy found guilty of raping his schoolmate had,in effect,“placed responsibility ... on her”.

  • byJordan Baker
The University of Sydney.

Top vice chancellors rake in million-dollar pay as student satisfaction recovers

The salaries of four university vice chancellors remain at about $1 million after most tertiary education chiefs’ pay packets fell slightly or held steady during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • byLucy Carroll andDaniella White
This girl was raped by her schoolmate,who was found guilty in the children’s court. He and his family insist he did nothing wrong.

‘Failed to protect me’:Victim considers suing NSW school over rape

A rape victim is considering suing the NSW Department of Education and the school,as her attacker is sentenced to seven months in jail.

  • byJordan Baker