Federal and state funding to Victorian non-government schools has grown by 31 per cent.

Victorian school students remain among lowest funded in the country

Funding for Victorian private school pupils has grown at a faster rate than their public counterparts over the past decade,a new report shows.

  • byMadeleine Heffernan


Private school funding has increased more than public school funding.

Funding for private schools grows faster than for state schools

Federal and state money going to NSW non-government schools grew by 27.2 per cent over the 10 years to 2021.

  • byChristopher Harris,Madeleine Heffernan andLucy Carroll
Southwestern Sydney MP Dai Le said the government needs to address workforce issues if it is going to improve cost of living pressures for families.

Cheaper childcare won’t create more places:MP

Independent MP Dai Le says the government needs to attract more workers to the early childhood education sector.

  • byRachel Clun
Redevelopment plans at Loreto College in Kirribilli;at Shore School;and SCEGGS.

Top private schools face pressure to open grounds to public students

North Sydney Council plans to ask principals at Shore School,Loreto Kirribilli,Wenona,St Aloysius’ College and Redlands to share their facilities.

  • byLucy Carroll
Bernardo Mason walks with her daughters Pearl,8,and Ivory,10,to Galilee Catholic Primary School in Bondi Beach.

Australian children aren’t walking to school – but there’s a plan to change that

A Sydney council wants to create safe walking routes to school,but fear overprotective parents,busy roads and heavy school bags stand in the way of change.

  • byAndrew Taylor
Girls out-perform boys in almost every HSC subject

Rise in selective schools drains HSC stars from comprehensive system

“There is a culture that has developed around selective schools;they are the ultimate prize for many families,” says one education expert.

  • byLucy Carroll andChristopher Harris
Kate Gaffney was a school refuser who went on to spend her career in education.

I was a school refuser for years - now I have five university degrees

School refusal is complex and each child’s reasons are different. My experience only makes sense to me decades later.

  • byKate Gaffney
Karla Franklin with her children,Isaac,in year 9,and Anabelle,year .

‘The numbers will drop’:Parents reject public boys’ high schools

Some of Sydney’s non-selective boys’ public schools are sitting half-empty. It’s a situation parents believe will only get worse.

  • byChristopher Harris
Column 8 granny dinkus

Glitches join life’s certainties

Blue-ribbon racquet racket.

Brian Schmidt,former vice-chancellor of ANU.

‘Future in peril’:ANU chief Brian Schmidt slams research funding as he steps down

The vice chancellor of Canberra’s Australian National University,Nobel laureate Brian Schmidt,will vacate the prestigious position at the end of the year.

  • byPaul Sakkal andLiam Mannix
Davidson High School says all mobile phones must be locked in a pouch during school hours.

NSW high schools ramp up total ban on mobile phones in classrooms

At least 160 high schools across NSW are now forcing students to lock their phones away in individual pouches during school hours.

  • byLucy Carroll
Education accounted for 24.3 per cent of General government sector expenses by purpose,2018-19.

Welcome to class,kids,here are all the ways you’re getting dudded

By the time you state schoolers are in year 9,many of you will be five years behind the kids in Posh Grammar in reading,and four years behind in maths – more than double the gap between you and them in year 3. The more you’re schooled,the relatively dumber you get!

  • byJulie Szego
Tangara School for Girls in Cherrybrook.

Why we should defund private schools and examine their values

I once believed you should choose the right school for your own child. Instead,we should be fighting for a school system insisting on equity,not entrenching privilege.

  • byJenna Price
Fort Street Public School,located at Millers Point next to the Sydney CBD,is being rebuilt.

The 61cm school height increase that has inner-city residents up in arms

A last-minute tweak to the revamp of Fort Street Public School in Sydney’s Millers Point has angered residents and heritage advocates.

  • byMichael Koziol
Chinese student Jasmine Zhang at the University of Sydney.

Rental crisis fears for international students as they return to Sydney

China’s move to no longer recognise the qualifications of students who study remotely has sparked fears of a housing shortfall as Sydney grapples with rising rents.

  • byChristopher Harris
Improving academic performance of school children in the Canberra-Goulburn diocese is not a fluke,says Noel Pearson.

‘Do the opposite to what progressive thinking says’:Pearson slams teaching trends

Indigenous leader Noel Pearson says student-led learning has let down disadvantaged children who are being left behind on reading and writing.

  • byPaul Sakkal andLucy Carroll
Perrottet’s policy earned praise from Andrew WIlkie.

‘Not a crime to be Catholic’:Perrottet defends faith as former school comes under fire

Four schools affiliated with an ultra-conservative Catholic group face claims of preaching hardline religious views on sexuality,such as chastity and masturbation.

  • byJordan Baker andTom Rabe
The government’s childcare subsidy expands in July,but the sector is concerned it won’t be able to meet increased demand.

‘The pay does suck’:Why it’s so hard to get a childcare spot

Better access to early childhood education is one of the government’s core policies,but the sector worries it will just increase demand when it is already struggling to cope.

  • byRachel Clun
A new report released by the Grattan Institute calls for small group tutoring in all Australian schools.

Some teens read beyond year 10 level,others at year 5. This is why

A Grattan Institute report has called for the investment of $1 billion in group tutoring for students whose disadvantage has become more pronounced every year of their schooling.

  • byLucy Carroll andMadeleine Heffernan
Tutoring groups can help children catch up.

NSW Labor promises permanent tutors,end to ‘underfunding’ public schools

NSW Labor has promised to make school-based tutors permanent and end the “underfunding” of public schools.

  • byAlexandra Smith andLucy Carroll
International Students arriving in Sydney on China Southern Airline flight CZ325 on Sunday morning are met by representatives from Sydney’s Universities.

Snap Chinese edict to send students rushing back to Australian campuses

The Chinese Ministry for Education has released a “special announcement” confirming it would only acknowledge degrees awarded to students attending in-person classes.

  • byPaul Sakkal
Chloe Pepper with her new textbooks ahead of the school year.

‘Different way of learning’:Is the school textbook almost extinct?

An institution for Sydney students trading in their second-hand textbooks will soon close as schools increasingly turn online for learning materials.

  • byChristopher Harris
Schools are offering scholarship places in year 4 and 5 as demand rises.

Private schools lock in high achievers as demand for scholarships rise

Demand for scholarship spots at Sydney’s private schools is rising,with at least 20 institutions offering places in year 4 and 5 in a bid to lock in high achievers before they reach high school.

  • byLucy Carroll
Michelle Tamaro and her daughter Aria who will start kindergarten at St Patrick’s in North Parramatta on Tuesday.

The changes coming to the new primary school curriculum this week

Almost 65,000 kindergarten students will start at NSW public schools this week,learning a new curriculum that focuses on phonics to learn to read.

  • byLucy Carroll andMary Ward
Chanel Contos is disappointed with the response of the NSW Education Department to a new consent curriculum.

Young people cannot afford any more delays when it comes to consent

It is surprising and deeply disappointing that the NSW Education Department has still not made any changes to the way it teaches consent in the state’s public schools.

  • The Herald's View
Chanel Contos,whose online call for stories of assault revealed the issue’s vast scale.

Consent education unchanged in NSW schools,two years after public reckoning

The Teach Us Consent petition,launched by Chanel Contos,called for NSW schools to include lessons on rape culture,sexual coercion,toxic masculinity,victim blaming and queer sex.

  • byMary Ward
NSW education authorities investigating Opus Dei schools

War of words erupts between Opus Dei schools and the ABC

NSW’s education authority is investigating Sydney schools linked to Opus Dei after allegations the schools deviated from the state curriculum.

  • byAlexandra Smith andLucy Carroll
Aspiring teachers in NSW will be able to enter the classroom after a one-year postgraduate course in a major overhaul to teacher training.

Teachers fast tracked into classrooms with promise to scrap two-year qualification

More than 9000 aspiring teachers have been deterred from entering the profession because of the requirement to undertake a two-year master’s teaching degree,a NSW Productivity Commission report says.

  • byLucy Carroll
Jolina Crescini with her children Roman Crescin,7,Emerald,9,Dean Crescin,11,and Myles Crescin,13. For a story about about how much it costs to educate a child for 13 years of schooling. January 24,2023. Photo:Rhett Wyman/ SMH

Cost of private education for two children hits $1m in Sydney

Sydney is the most costly city in Australia for private education,with extras like laptops,musical instruments and uniforms adding up to more than $5000.

  • byLucy Carroll andChristopher Harris
Amanda DeLuca (left) with her daughter Cienna 13yrs (right) at the family home in Blacktown.

‘A big decision’:Why private schools raise fees,and why parents pay them

Amanda DeLuca is not your typical private school mum. But like thousands of parents she thinks it is worth the money,even amid fee increases of up to 5 per cent this year.

  • byChristopher Harris
ChatGPT has prompted universities to alter how they assess students,been used for plagiarised and banned in New York City schools.

Can you tell between a year 6 student and AI? Teachers say they can

Public schools have banned AI program ChatGPT,but private educators say they will allow it as they can tell students’ work apart. Can you? Test yourself in this article.

  • byChristopher Harris andAngus Thomson
Chat GPT is a language-processing AI model that is capable of generating human-like text,such as essays.

Schools right now face a choice - fight the wave of ChatGPT,or surf it

So impossible will it be in the artificial intelligence future for any teacher to determine the integrity of any student’s learning when not in their direct supervision,that the very formula for educating them will be forced to change. The entire model of schooling may be flipped on its head.

  • byAdam Voigt
Australia’s education system is failing some students.

Call for focus on teaching as academic results slide despite $300b school funding deal

Four years after the then-Coalition government signed a funding agreement,the Productivity Commission has found reading and numeracy results have deteriorated.

  • byPaul Sakkal
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Never take a byte

It says so in the iBible.


‘Hallmarks of distrust’:AHPRA staff fear public at risk due to ‘super toxic’ culture

A leaked report from 2020 found bullying,high turnover and under-resourcing were plaguing the national health regulator. Staff say nothing has changed.

  • byCharlotte Grieve
ChatGPT’s AI technology can complete your uni assignments in minutes. So how do educators now police plagiarism?

Now is the prime time for students to cheat

Educators looking to weed out plagiarism among students face an impossibly difficult new technological challenge.

  • byJoanne Orlando
Column 8 granny dinkus

Getting a lift or starting a movement?

Motorists take the plunge.

Jason Wren Pattison

Push for more male teachers fails to increase numbers

Education experts say more male teachers are needed to help both boys and girls be less likely to have stereotypical views about traditional gender roles.

  • byChristopher Harris
Quinton swims during a Water Skills For Life class at Collaroy Rock Pool on Thursday.

‘Everyone is playing catch up’:Swim schools struggle for staff

A state government initiative to train swimming teachers was deemed too difficult to implement by many pools,as schools struggle to find instructors.

  • byMary Ward
NSW independent schools believe the impact from the financial crisis could be"significant".

Travel,a new car or a year at a top school:Are private school fees worth it?

A private school education could benefit some students,but the pay-off is up for debate according to experts.

  • byMillie Muroi
Private school The Scots College iin Bellevue Hill received about $53 million in donations from parents and alumni from 2016 to 2021.

Sydney’s top private schools rake in millions in donations

Twenty private schools have received more than $340 million in donations in recent years as schools ramp up fundraising drives amid a building boom.

  • byLucy Carroll andNigel Gladstone
University of Technology,Sydney made 11,700 offers through its early entry program last year.

Universities delay early offers – but they still undermine year 12,critics warn

More than 43,000 early entry offers were made to pupils before they sat their HSC exams last year,and new rules to delay them haven’t satisfied school principals.

  • byLucy Carroll
One fondly remembered beach holiday as a boy:the author,Peter Papathanasiou,right,with his cousin Matt.

How I overcame my dread of the all-Australian beach holiday

For many,the beach holiday was a joy of childhood,For this landlubber,it’s been a slow burn.

  • byPeter Papathanasiou

Sydney private school fees eclipse $45,000 after parents hit by hikes

Independent schools across the city are raising fees for 2023,with Kambala and SCEGGS Darlinghurst set to charge parents more than $45,000 for year 12.

  • byLucy Carroll andChristopher Harris
The 2022 G20 summit in Bali,Indonesia. Australian prime minister Anthony Albanese bilateral meeting with President of the People's Republic of China,Xi Jinping. Tuesday 15th November 2022. Photograph by James Brickwood. SMH NEWS 221115. Bilateral taking place in Mulia Resort - Nusa Dua Bali. FEDPOL G20

Thaw in China relations drives uni demand,but triggers student room shortage

Student visa applications were 40 per cent higher in the second half of 2022 than during the same period in 2019,figures show.

  • byPaul Sakkal
Students Shaun Patrick,Jia (Jessica ) Wei and Lauren Zhang from Redlands School in Cremorne. All three completed the International Baccalaureate and scored high enough scores that will translate to high 99’s in their HSC. Photographed Thursday 5th January 2023. Photograph by James Brickwood. SMH NEWS 230105

‘Perfect’ scores of 99.95 given to IB students drops by half after conversion process overhaul

However,students Jessica Wei,Shaun Patrick and Lauren Zhang from Redlands School were pleased with their university ranks of 99.75 or higher.

  • byChristopher Harris
Ravenswood students Yuetong Wang,Claudia Zybenko,Tara Evans,Kayleigh Li and Jasmine Petty.

Students with ‘perfect’ International Baccalaureate scores revealed

Two Sydney private schools had four students who achieved the perfect score of 45 out of 45.

  • byChristopher Harris
The new board will have to decide if it wants to renew the contract of headmaster Nicholas Sampson when his contract expires in 2024.

Cranbrook appoints 13 new council members after mass resignation

The appointments include a member who speaks Mandarin,a former French army officer and a BBC TV host.

  • byChristopher Harris andLucy Carroll
Riverview’s sprawling grounds were once open to the public but the school has now restricted that to just the school holidays.

The north shore school that has closed its grounds to the public

St Ignatius’ College Riverview had let local residents wander around its grounds for decades,but has now decided to close during term time.

  • byChristopher Harris
City buyers flocked to Byron Bay from the start of the pandemic with demand barely subsiding since.

School overcrowding hits sea change hotspots

Parents in coastal towns have been told rapid population growth means that school catchment zones will soon change.

  • byChristopher Harris