It’s a job for dogged types

Mickey Pragnell of Kiama noticed that “Australia Post were on TV on Monday,asking dog owners if they could secure their animals to prevent posties getting attacked. A serious matter,I know,but the Australia Post spokesthingy was one Rod Maule.”

“Is it only me or do other C8 readers have problems trying to understand sportspeople when they are interviewed on TV?” asks Norm Leek of Wahroonga. “My best effort is about every third word,in my attempts to decipher what’s being said. It also seems to apply to all sporting events,regardless of the game or the participants.”

Kevin Sheehan’s recollection of the clever America’s Cup Steinlager ad (C8) reminded John Loveridge of Tewantin (Qld):“During the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977,Guinness had outdoor ads around London proudly proclaiming,‘We poured through the reign’.”

“Like all high-flyers with an eye on the game,ospreys (C8) are notorious for their ability to nestle in,and take over,central hot spots,in order to prey on other Aussies,” reckons Joy Cooksey of Harrington.

Spoiler alert! “I once bought a pirate DVD (C8) on a subway train in New York,” recalls noted sitting duck Ian McNeilly of Darlinghurst. “The movie was obviously being recorded in a cinema with a handheld camera or other device. All was well until the patron in front went to the toilet several times,lingering in front of my pirate for several seconds. My pirate must have been resting as his camera/device did not move,giving me a riveting view of the toilet patron’s rear end.”

“The pirate DVD/CD culture met with the world of dodgy translation in a music shop in Jeonju,South Korea,some years ago when I saw a CD titledEric Crapton’s Greatest Hits,” says Tim Felton of Little Hartley. Well,George Harrison would’ve probably agreed.

“On the subject of subtitles (C8),I was staying at an aged friend’s house,and we were all watching a Scottish drama,and they were lauding the fact that they were able to enjoy the drama so much because they could read the subtitles,” writes Roger Hurley of Hunters Hill. “I,however,found it very distracting as the subtitles presented all voices and also off-scene noises like ‘door knocks’ and ‘laughs’. I suggested a better solution would be to turn up the volume,which,for some reason,they had at minimum level.”
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